Tantric intimacy Coaching

Tantric Intimacy Coaching sessions with Chae are for INDIVIDUALS (men only) and COUPLES and are customised to your specific needs and aspirations.

Tantric intimacy Coaching is a powerful way to increase connection,  deepen intimacy, heighten arousal and attain more fulfilling life experiences. Tantra Coaching offers an opportunity to explore the inner dynamics that inform the way we relate to our sexuality, the way it influences our relationships and may prevent intimacy and obstruct the flow of intimate connections in our  lives.

Chae will guide you from where you are with an approach that is both compassionate and caring while direct. Using a method of teaching which she has developed over 10 years of working with clients Chae can quickly and directly focus your awareness beyond the everyday into a Tantric state capable of experiencing divine states of bliss. You will be given guidance on the more subtle internal use of the mind fundamental to Tantric practice, as well as the external more physically orientated techniques.

Chae makes the ancient and often mystical teachings of Tantra accessible to all. Through her down to earth and practical translation Chae makes it easy to understand and implement Tantra within everyday sexual relationships.  

 Tantric Intimacy Coaching is for you if: 

  • Want to release emotional blocks.

  • Want to be more authentic in you sexual and emotional expression

  • Want to become more available in intimate settings

  • Want to learn how to ride the wave of sexual energy

  • Want to become more full body orgasmic

  • Want to become a more conscious lover

  • Want to overcome premature ejaculation

  • Want to develop better communication skills

  • Want to integrate your sexuality with your spirituality

  • Want to learn how to use your sexual energy to increase your manifesting ability

  • Want take-home personal practice that can increase your sexual vitality and magnetism.

You can expect increased levels of vitality, positive feeling, and deep peace even after one session. 

I practice Tantra with my partner and have had many Tantric Massages over the years. I came here because I felt like there was still something missing. There was. I experienced Tantra with Chae in a way I had only known in theory. I learned so much in just one session.
— Adrian
Chae you are a beautiful person who gave me a beautiful experience and one that I am keen to develop further in my quest to perfect the tantra experience … You have made a remarkable impression on me spiritually, emotionally and physically and I thank you once again.
— Steve