Enlightened Passion
Enlightened Passion
Sensual Relaxation & Tantric Intimacy Coaching Brisbane
Without a doubt one of the most sensual and relaxing massages I’ve every had.I felt comfortable straight away and I knew I was in great skilled hands. To quote Sting “Every little thing she does is magic” Thank you Chae I will definitely be returning
— Andrew

Sensual Massage

Treat yourself to an experience of full body bliss.Enjoy a Lomi Lomi style Sensual Massage with Chae that is designed for your pleasure.

Both arousing and stimulating, while calming and sensual, you can relax knowing you are in good hands.

A truly unique experience.

Tantra Massage

A Tantra Massage with Chae offers a sensual re-discvovery of your true sexual/ spiritual nature.

Enjoy a Sensual Massage while being guided through Tantric techniques that can generate greater sexual energy and heighten your overall experience and re-introduce you to an embodied experience of your sexual potential.

Tantra Coaching

Tantric Intimacy Coaching is designed for Individuals and Couples interested in integrating Tantra into their everyday lives and lovemaking experience.

Each session is customised to meet your specific needs and aspirations. Chae will guide you from where you are in an experiential way. A powerful and direct entry to the Tantric path.

Sensual Massage

Treat yourself to an experience of full body bliss. 

What to expect form a Full Body Sensual Massage

  • A very sensual Lomi Lomi style massage designed for your pleasure

  • A full body sensual experience

  • Chae massages with her whole upper body to enhance your pleasure and initiate a nurturing and deeply relaxing experience.

  • An opportunity to relax and be pampered.

YOU WILL LOVE  her calming and caring nature

YOU WILL LOVE her sensuality

YOU WILL LOVE the full body to body contact

YOU WILL LOVE the journey into heightened states of arousal Chae can take you on.

How to get the most out of your Full Body Sensual Massage experience

  • BREATHE: Slow and conscious breaths will heighten your sensitivity and increase your pleasure

  • FEEL: Allow yourself to drop into a feeling state within your body to connect more fully with your own internal state of blissfulness.



A great experience - definitely underscored what other testimonials had said, and refreshing to get a service that exceeds already high expectations. I’ll be a regular. Thanks Chae xx
— Brian
I can’t fault it. It was a great massage from start to finish.
— Glen
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A Tantra Massage with Chae offers a sensual re-discovery of your sexual and spiritual self through a combination of mental, physical and spiritual techniques unique to Tantra. 

 You will be guided every step of the way through the release of physical and emotional tension until you have reached a deeply relaxed state. Once relaxed, Chae will encourage you to generate greater sexual energy through rhythm and breath. This will prepare you for the circulation and expansion of this energy through your entire body.

Tantric breathing techniques awaken the senses and allow energy to flow. As masculine and feminine energies balance, physical boundaries can dissolve and time can disappear.

As you begin to master the breathing techniques you will experience more pleasure physically and energetically. You will start to feel stronger, more satisfied with life and more vital. The key to this experience is allowing yourself to open to a truly deep connection with yourself. This will result in heightened and more fulfilling life experiences for yourself and those you connect with.

Tantra honours the essence of the Sacred Feminine and this knowledge will be intuitively shared with you. Each session is customised to your needs, ability and understanding so you can relax and know you are in good hands.

How to optimise your Tantra Massage experience

The key to getting the most out of a Tantric Massage with Chae is to allow yourself to relax into a feeling state. Trust the process and surrender to her guidance. In the first session you may experience some difficulty as you learn new breathing techniques and become familiar with the routine. It is common to try too hard in an effort to ‘get it right’. Chae suggests that "feeling" rather than "doing" is the key to allowing the techniques to spontaneously follow. Over time, as you begin to master the Tantric techniques, your experiences will deepen, become increasingly profound, and more pleasurable physically, emotionally and spiritually.

You can expect increased levels of vitality, positive feeling, and deep peace even after one session. 

That was as close to bliss as I’ve ever experienced
— Trevor
I’ve been around and I came here cynical and this is the only occasion my cynicism has completely gone.
— Steve
I really enjoyed my Tantric Massage session. So much so I have been inspired to research more about Tantra. It was an awesome experience and I will book with you again next week.
— Darren

Tantric intimacy Coaching

Tantric Intimacy Coaching sessions with Chae are for INDIVIDUALS (men only) and COUPLES and are customised to your specific needs and aspirations.

Tantric intimacy Coaching is a powerful way to increase connection,  deepen intimacy, heighten arousal and attain more fulfilling life experiences. Tantra Coaching offers an opportunity to explore the inner dynamics that inform the way we relate to our sexuality, the way it influences our relationships and may prevent intimacy and obstruct the flow of intimate connections in our  lives.

Chae will guide you from where you are with an approach that is both compassionate and caring while direct. Using a method of teaching which she has developed over 10 years of working with clients Chae can quickly and directly focus your awareness beyond the everyday into a Tantric state capable of experiencing divine states of bliss. You will be given guidance on the more subtle internal use of the mind fundamental to Tantric practice, as well as the external more physically orientated techniques.

Chae makes the ancient and often mystical teachings of Tantra accessible to all. Through her down to earth and practical translation Chae makes it easy to understand and implement Tantra within everyday sexual relationships.  

 Tantric Intimacy Coaching is for you if: 

  • Want to release emotional blocks.

  • Want to be more authentic in you sexual and emotional expression

  • Want to become more available in intimate settings

  • Want to learn how to ride the wave of sexual energy

  • Want to become more full body orgasmic

  • Want to become a more conscious lover

  • Want to overcome premature ejaculation

  • Want to develop better communication skills

  • Want to integrate your sexuality with your spirituality

  • Want to learn how to use your sexual energy to increase your manifesting ability

  • Want take-home personal practice that can increase your sexual vitality and magnetism.

You can expect increased levels of vitality, positive feeling, and deep peace even after one session. 

I practice Tantra with my partner and have had many Tantric Massages over the years. I came here because I felt like there was still something missing. There was. I experienced Tantra with Chae in a way I had only known in theory. I learned so much in just one session.
— Adrian
Chae you are a beautiful person who gave me a beautiful experience and one that I am keen to develop further in my quest to perfect the tantra experience … You have made a remarkable impression on me spiritually, emotionally and physically and I thank you once again.
— Steve
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ROOM TEMPERATURE: The room is either heated or cooled depending on the season.

ABOUT THE OIL: The oil is a professional blend massage oil with no added scent. During winter the oil is heated.

Full Body Sensual Massage



Tantra Massage

First Session: up to 2hrs

Consultation time at the beginning of the session of up to 30mins. This time is to discuss any specific interest or issues you may have and for Chae to get a sense of how to best guide you through the Tantra Massage experience. 


Followup Sessions: 1.5hrs


Tantric Intimacy Coaching

Individuals (Men Only) & Couples: 2hrs

Tantric Intimacy Coaching goes more in-depth into the Tantric practices and is only for those wishing to learn how to integrate Tantra into their everyday lives and/or lovemaking. 

Individuals: $270

Couples: $330



When booking please allow a minimum of 30 minutes notice. Chae does not take last minute bookings. The further in advance you are able to book the better. 


When booking by text please state

  • your name,

  • time/day of preferred booking

  • which service (Tantra or Sensual)

  • how long for (Sensual Massage - 30 or 50 mins)


If you have questions about the service please CALL.

Texting is for bookings only. 

cancellation policy

Cancellations are accepted BEFORE the booked time.


Please just send me a quick text to let me know.

More than 10 minutes late without a courtesy text is considered a NO SHOW. You will receive a courtesy text from Chae cancelling your booking. A cancellation fee of $50 will be charged to your next visit.


If Chae does not receive a courtesy call/txt before the booked time you will be considered a NO SHOW and be charged a cancellation fee of $50 which will be added to your next visit. Second time no-shows are blacklisted permanently.